This is the end

Yes, the title is a musical reference, bonus points if you can name the album.  Don’t read any more meaning into it than it just fit as a title.

This is my last post.  Although I’m still Laura, I’m no longer the same Laura I was 7 years ago when I started this blog.  Before I was not diagnosed (diagnosis is still unexplained but whatever).  Before deciding to move on from treatments to foster care.  From foster kid to foster kid.  Through adoption.  Through several stressful job changes.  I’m a new mom, one who colors her hair and never thought I would, one who has a chart of teeth hanging on her wall at work.  One who has candy in her luggage hidden by her 2 year old so mommy can satisfy her sweet tooth.  Although baby showers still get on my nerves, I no longer hold the urge to rip them off the wall and run down the stairs crying.

I’m also no longer in Denver.  Yup, we moved.  I’d be a fraud if I kept the name and didn’t live in the area. 

And of course, fertilityalphabetsoup isn’t quite the same either.  I find myself posting more mundane non-adoption and non-fertility related posts than anything else.  I started this blog for myself, to have a vent and squelch my inner voice that keeps me company.  People started reading.  I have family reading.  I’ve enjoyed all of your comments.  But the time has come to close my blog.  I will still read your blogs, and probably comment from time to time.  So I’ll wrap this up like I do after reading the same book over and over to my daughter…

The end.

Mother – by Esther Alice Kelley

{Context: Esther became a mother through adoption.  Her daughter and I grew up together.  This is a poem from her book, “Tender Reflections.”}

She stands beside the crib that holds a little stranger She wonders what the future will hold.  How will she know how to guide this little one when she has enough problems guiding her own path?  Then she remembers a long ago learned lesson about putting her destiny in God’s hands, and at that moment puts the little life in the crib in His hands also, knowing that whatever she needs to guider that little one will be provided to her.

The years pass with their share of smiles and tears, victories, defeats and lessons learned.  Lessons that helped them both learn the provision of a loving and compassionate God.

And as she nears the end of her life she no longer looks into the face of a stranger, but into the face of a friend.

Strangers on a Highway

I have several routes to work but choose the one with less traffic.  It’s a little slower, but I enjoy things I see along the way.  This morning was a little different. 

I always try to look out for the bicycles on this road.  This morning a lady was going in the opposite direction than me.  I saw her fall.  Correction – I saw her and the bike go down then skid 10 feet along the gravel.  I pulled over quickly, opened the door and yelled, “Are you ok?”  “No,” was her response.

I turned the car around and pulled in behind her.  I saw she was bleeding from her shoulder and arm.  She had a helmet and was talking, so I just went to the back of my car and pulled out my first aid kit.  I handed her some iodine pads and 4 large bandages.  She asked if she could sit down.  I let her sit in my car.  Then she asked if I could drive her to work.  It was less than a half mile away, I knew the area and felt safe enough to drive her there.  So I loaded her bike in the back of my car and drove her to work.  If it had been me on that bike, I would have wanted somebody to do the same for me.  I was hoping it turned her day around just a little bit.

So often I drive on the same road and see the same cars/bikes/motorcycles and wonder who they are and where they are going.  Today, I met one less stranger.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yeah, I know “officially” it’s not until tomorrow, but I’ve already had my birthday over the weekend.  I bought a strawberry cake (because one of the perks of having a June birthday is fresh strawberries).  DH gave me my presents.  The only thing I wanted was slippers, which is virtually impossible to buy in June.  He did get me a wonderful gift though, a french press.  We recently got rid of a clunky coffee maker that was great, but ended up taking up too much room on the counter.  The french press can be kept in a cabinet and make 2 cups of coffee, much less than the 12 cup mammoth we had before.  We didn’t have any course ground coffee in the house so the first time I got to use it was this morning.  Yum!

Also yesterday, I had a tea party with Whitney.  I cut two slices of cake, made 2 cups of tea, served it on my fine china and we ate it in the playhouse after her nap.  I don’t know about her, but I thought it was soooo cool!  All afternoon, she was a Mama’s girl.  She didn’t want anything to do with DH.  So yeah, that was a great “present.”

Cost Cutting

Well as promised, here are the centerpieces for the conference that was held this week.  We had rain and cold weather so instead of having it outside as we were hoping, we moved inside.  My led tea candles were no longer needed, so I was able to shave off another $60+ from the budget.  The location provided 3 real tea candles on each table.  Total cost:  $105.88.  It doesn’t look like much from this picture, but when the lights were dimmed, the globes were slowly morphing colors on 20 tables around the room.  I have a better picture of the entire room but it shows my company name, so obviously I won’t be posting that on this blog.


Hurricane Warning – Repost

Reposting since I recently got a question on how Whitney got her blog name…

HURRICANE/TROPICAL STORM WATCH: Hurricane/tropical storm conditions are possible in the specified area of the Watch, usually within 36 hours. During a Watch, prepare your home and review your plan for evacuation in case a Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warning is issued.

HURRICANE/TROPICAL STORM WARNING: Hurricane/tropical storm conditions are expected in the specified area of the Warning, usually within 24 hours. Complete storm preparations and leave the threatened area if directed by local officials.

We’ve been on pins and needles for the last week and a half since we decided to sign up for an after-hours placement. Well, we got a call yesterday. It was for 2 different placements. We had a choice between the two. Didn’t know that could happen! The first placement was for a brother/sister sibling group, aged 2 and 5. The girl had issues with males. With DH being the primary, we felt this would probably not be a good idea. In addition, we wanted to start off slowly with one to begin with and then move to a sibling group.

The other placement was for a 7 month old boy. For purposes of this blog, I will refer to him as Colin (not his real name). Why that name? Well, I figured since babies are a lot like hurricanes, they are a whirlwind of energy and we have very little notice when he’s going to get here It was like we were on a hurricane watch yesterday and a hurricane warning today. I was going to go alphabetically, but there’s a couple of Alex’s in our lives so I went to the next boy’s name on the list.

We will be his 3rd placement, first one outside of family. And to go with speculation, we do know some of the issues bring him into the foster system. Most situations are caused by abuse (i.e. sexual, physical, drug illegal or prescription) and/or neglect. Or any combination thereof.

Colin’s caseworker will be giving DH a call this afternoon to work out arrangements. Don’t know what he is coming to us with. At this point, we don’t know what the visitation or reunification plan is. We don’t know if we will eventually be able to keep him. All I know is that we will be a safe place for him to stay, and we’ll be able to start off slowly with one kid rather than 2.

I Played the Powerball and I Won…

“free” bagels.

I joined in a pool at work.  It was amazing how many tickets we bought collectively.  I think 2 hit the powerball number, which I think is worth $2 each at a minimum.  I didn’t check the other numbers.  The cool thing is the person running the pool bought bagels for everybody.